Docu-series 2021

Watch the short films we made for the 2021 participants.

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In the Offing, the Sea & Sky Were Welded

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the application, including the budget and equal opportunities forms below. Please also complete a risk assessment. If you would like to find out more about the programme ahead of applying please let Sophie know if you would like to attend an information session on Wednesday 9 March, or if you would like to schedule a call.

  • Deadline to apply: Thu 24 March
  • Interviews will take place on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 April

Application Form

Personal Details
About you

Please give us a brief outline of your previous arts project/event experience and anything else that you feel is appropriate. Please include any relevant links/photos to previous work

Project idea/outline

Please outline in as much detail your project idea, noting the concept, aims and objectives, target audience, how the audience will interact/experience it and all outputs. A digital element must be included (be it live stream, pre-recorded experiences relating to the event, etc) which we can advise on. We will also accept projects whose outputs are purely digital and do not have a physical element.

Project venue / requirements

Please note down venues you are considering/have secured for your event if it is a physical event. We may be able to suggest/introduce you to some venues, but we cannot guarantee one.

Covid-19 Considerations

All Totally Thames 2021 participants will need to consider the ramifications of Covid-19, and must include a completed Covid-19 Risk Assessment for physical parts of the event. Please outline the considerations of Social Distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines which you will have in place at your event here.

Does your project already have funding?

Does your project already have funding?

If so, please note down details of this here. If not, how are you going to finance your project? 

Draft Budget

If you are accepted onto the Tide Change programme, you will be given £1000 along with £2000 in-kind support in the form of marketing, development meetings and mentoring. Please note that you need to submit a complete break down of the budget including how you will use the £1000 you will get from this programme and any additional funding you are applying for. Remember to include VAT  in your budget your fee as well. Please use the template provided here .

e.g. Room Hire: 5 sessions at £50+vat a time = £250+50(vat)=£300         

Please note that you need to submit a budget, otherwise your application will not be taken into consideration.

Image, Budget and Risk Assessment Upload

Please upload any images to support your application, along with the Covid-19 Risk Assessment mentioned above and your budget using the above template. 

Upload here