Tide Changers

Tide Changers is a development programme delivered by Thames Festival Trust that provides early career artists under 30 with support to shape, develop and deliver their River Thames projects, with seed funding, marketing and development sessions.

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Submission Guidelines for Totally Thames

To apply to Totally Thames, your event will need to align with our programming aspirations and criteria. We are looking for creative, Thames-centric events that:

  1. Respond to at least one of the following programming strands:
  • River Arts & Culture
    We want to spotlight the river as a canvas and source of inspiration for art and creativity - sculpture, visual arts, performance, and music.
  • Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability
    We are interested in artworks, installations and projects that respond to and/or actively tackle and educate about this issue
  • Thames Stories & Heritage
    The Thames foreshore is home to thousands of years’ worth of London secrets and history. If your event focusses on the history beneath the river's surface, or on the practice of mudlarking, we want to hear about it.
  • River Spectacle & Events
    The Thames is host to hundreds of water sports, large scale races, and other river-based events every year. If you are planning one of these that people can either take part in or watch, get in touch

2.  Have a Digital Element

The event should be delivered to both a digital platform and an event space. We require all events to be multi-platform to ensure we can reach the widest and most diverse audience with no barriers to access. We will also accept proposals for events which are digital only. There are many different and simple ways to bring your event to the digital realm. If you would like to discuss options with a member of our team, email Sophie.

3. Have funding or a funding plan in place

We are unable to provide funding for events that would like to take part but we provide an in-kind marketing package. To be able to accept your project onto the programme, we need to be reassured that the event will be able to go ahead having raised the necessary funds for its development. We can provide advice on this if you would like to discuss.

4. Take place on or around the River Thames in London between 1 - 30 September 2021.

5. Have a venue secured or in negotiation. 

It will be your responsibility to lead on this relationship, though we can provide some advice and possibly introductions.

6. Have a PRS form submitted or to be submitted if music of any kind features (we request proof).

7. All licenses and documents in place and/or investigated (permissions, TENs, insurance, etc). This includes a Risk Assessment including measures for Covid-19 safety should restrictions be in place.

We will be unable to accept any events which do not fulfil all these criteria. Please note that there is also no guarantee that your event will be selected onto our programme should you meet our criteria.

Who Can Apply?

We are committed to working towards a more diverse cultural sector. Our recruitment process is open to all, but we are particularly keen to hear from ethnic minorities, those who self-identify as LGBTQIA+, those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and those who self-identify as disabled to enrich our programme of events. 

What We Offer

Please note: If you are accepted onto the programme, this does not constitute a partnership. We offer the outlined marketing support and advice on a case-by-case basis. Thames Festival Trust is unable to provide financial support for events. Applicants will be responsible for securing funding of proposed events and projects to cover the production of the event.

As a participant of Totally Thames, you will receive:

  • Valuable brand recognition as being part of an established, leading arts festival.
  • In-kind marketing support such as:
  • Access to marketing workshops and 1-1 sessions with the team.
  • Networking opportunities to meet other artists and organisations taking part in the festival.
  • Support, advice, and guidance from the Thames Festival Trust team.
  • Potential to be introduced to organisations who have programming space during the festival.

If you are interested in taking part, apply below by Thursday 24 March Please email Sophie at Sophie Groák if you have any questions.


Apply Now

Apply to take part in Totally Thames 2022,  please fill out the form below. Deadline for submitting a form is Thursday 24 March. 

About you
About the event

If you don't have a venue secured please indicate what stage you are at in this process. 

Please indicate rough dates if these are not secured yet.

Digital Element

Please provide as much detail as possible for how your project will incorporate a digital element. Please get in contact if you would like some advice.

Image and Risk Assessment upload

Please upload any images to support your application, along with a Covid-19 Risk Assessment should measures come into place. Please upload here


Funding status

Please indicate here that your activity has no funding requirements. If the funding is not yet secured please indicate what stage you are at. Please note we are not able to include events that are not funded by the time we announce the full programme.

This needs to be submitted with a completed Application Form and Risk Assessment Form. Please email Sophie if you would like to schedule a call to talk through any elements of the application.