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Terms & Conditions

If your school is selected to participate, Thames Festival Trust agrees to provide:

  • An international partner school.
  • Access to a range of resources and professional development opportunities to help develop and sustain international schools partnerships.
  • Artist led workshops in your school which will result in the production of artworks for exhibitions
  • Project school and student certificates.
  • Copies of the project brochures for school and participating students.

Participating schools will need to agree to:

  • Develop an international school partnership with the aim for this link to be long-term and sustainable.
  • Integrate the project as a cross-curricular project in your school (for example, in Geography or History lessons).
  • Provide an art / project lead teacher to develop both the art and school partnership aspects of the project (providing teacher cover as required). This can be one person fulfilling both roles or two people depending on the favoured approach and the resources available to your school.
  • Select a group of KS3 students to participate in the project.
  • Release the project leader to attend the CPD training.
  • In so far as you are able to do so, you agree to assign the copyright of any creative work undertaken by your pupils during the Project’s workshops to Thames Festival Trust.
  • Produce final artwork for public display with the professional artist.