I really enjoyed the CPD and I think it is a great initiative. There are many strengths to the project but overall it is great that we have the opportunity to broaden ours and our children’s understanding and knowledge of international schools, environmental issues and global geography in a very real and meaningful way.
Rubina Rehman, teacher, Elmhurst Primary School
I liked using rubbish as collage because it showed us how dangerous rubbish in the water is for animals.
Pupil, Southfields Primary School

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A Poem: The River Nene

Green reeds waving out of the river

As sharp as a dangerous knife

Swirling like a hypnotiser

Sticking out swishing and swaying

Whirling like an octopus’s tentacles

Lily-pads like trampolines for frogs

Dancing on top of the water

Feathery swans as white as a cloud

Hunting for prey hungrily

Passed the narrow boats one called Sophia

Eyes tiny like glimmering black marbles

Beaks as neon orange as can be


By Kayla

Case Study: Leighton Primary School

A case study of our education work with Leighton Primary School via our project The Story of Water.

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School children painting at Monteagle Primary

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