Sing For Water

Sing For Water

Sing for Water is a unique and uplifting outdoor riverside choral event that takes place in September as part of Totally Thames bringing together choirs from across the UK to raise money and awareness for WaterAid.

Co-founded in 2002 by the Thames Festival Trust and renowned composer, singer and musical director Helen Chadwick, Sing For Water has raised 1 million pounds to change and save lives around the world.

Sing for Water is a great opportunity for people to meet other choirs from up and down the country and perform together. Rehearsing as individual choirs, they come together for a collective rehearsal the day before the final performance at Totally Thames. Last year around 20 choirs, 500 people from across the UK joined forces to perform a set of water inspired songs in the riverside location of the Scoop to audiences who were up on their feet dancing.

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