Irma Irsara

Irma Irsara

What is it about the Thames that you find inspirational?

The timelessness of the river – past, present and future. I find myself most engaged with the river when exploring the foreshore at different points. I like the ebb and flow of the tide and discovering what’s been left and the stories, real or imagined, presented by the found objects. I’m intrigued when the remnants of old oak structures are revealed at low tide suggesting an imaginary landscape.


Do you have a favourite view of the Thames?

It changes, at the moment I like the area around Rotherhithe. 


If you could go back in time and explore/paint/draw/film/photograph London in any era – when would it be?

During the Great Frost of 1683-84 when the Thames completely froze for two months.


What’s a skill that you would love to learn? 

As an artist, I use whatever technique is appropriate to the project I’m working on, for example, stained glass, bookbinding, video, printmaking, paper-making etc. So, I’ve yet to discover what skill I will need to learn next. Having said that, I’m learning to make a terrarium next month.

Backlit photo negatives

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