Photo: Shi Yin Ong

For many years both Urban Space Management and the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust have supported and partnered with the Thames Festival Trust.  We are delighted to continue working together to increase public awareness of the Thames’ past, make the most of its present, and ensure a strong future for the river and its surrounding environment.

John Burton, Urban Space Management

M&G Investments has sponsored Thames Festival Trust through the Kids’ Choir programme for over 8 years.  The programme has made a significant and lasting impact on thousands of primary school children and been a source of pride and inspiration for teachers, family and friends.  Kids’ Choir provides a unique opportunity and educational experience for London’s primary school children which M&G Investments is delighted to support.

Anna Emtage, M&G Investments

We are the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, each day we supply 2,600 million litres of tap water to nine million customers across London and the Thames Valley, and serve 15 million customers with waste water services.  Engaging and educating our future customers about what we do is important to us and working in partnership with Thames Festival Trust on their innovative education programme enables us to achieve this.