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1000 Londoners

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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Explore this digital collection of short documentaries telling the stories of 1,000 Londoners from diverse walks of life.

Throughout September, 1000 Londoners will release a season of four short documentary films about Londoners whose lives revolve around the Thames. Potential Londoners include: a mudlarker, the builder of a royal barge and a man who has lived on the same houseboat for 80 years! A new film will be released every Monday in September, so keep your eyes peeled and browsers at the ready.

Glen Ellis - the Londoner who opens and closes Tower Bridge

Glen is a mechanical engineer by training, and now works in the control cabin at one of London's most iconic Landmarks, Tower Bridge. It is Glen's job to raise and lower the bridge several times a day to allow shipping to pass underneath. A self-pronounced problem-solver, Glen is inspired by his unique workplace and his central role in one of London's most photographed daily rituals.

James Muggoch - the Londoner who's restoring the Thames's last working WW1 tug-boat

Spending 28 years restoring a boat may not be everyone’s sense of fun, but for James Muggoch it’s a totally different story, especially when the boat in question is the last surviving first world war tug-boat. From rigging the deck to testing the boat’s engine we get to see the inner workings of the boat which has become life-changing for James and his family. So much so that his youngest daughter had part of her wedding ceremony on the tug-boat. James, who has lived on the Thames for most of his life, also reflects on the changes within the boating community.

Fiona Haughey - the archaeologist who excavates the foreshore of the Thames

Fiona's interest in archaeology began when she was a little girl, but due to her mother's old fashioned ideas she never pursued such an "unladylike" profession. After Fiona's own 6 children grew up and flew the nest, she decided to study her childhood passion and has since become the only Archaeologist with a PhD in the River Thames. Fiona spends much of her time excavating on the foreshore but is more interested in people than precious metal, as she is fascinated by what artefacts reveal about the social make-up of a city. Many people consider the Thames to be a river that divides London, but Fiona sees it as the glue that holds everything together.

Chris Mann - the Londoner who flies helicopter sightseeing tours down the Thames

Chris Mann discovered independence at an early age. His passion for skateboarding around the city developed into flying through London's skyline. Confident he can master whatever he takes a fondness for, Chris left his production design career for West end shows and 12 years ago decided to become a helicopter pilot. Now he owns London's main tourist helicopter company based in Battersea. Again at the height of a pilot's career, Chris is reminded by his sons about his original love for skateboarding, they bought him a skateboard for his birthday this year. Chris is cautious as to whether he wants to try it out as he isn't sure whether he can be the best at it anymore.