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Authentic Blue Concert

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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Five passionate souls who love music and theatre are working together in a unique ensemble called Authentic Blue. They perform original songs in the rock/Blues tradition. Vivid lyrics illumine powerful melodies. There is much harmony-singing and the band perform with true theatrical flair.

To begin at the beginning: actor/singer/songwriter Tim Thomas has worked with the RSC, Young Vic and many reps both as an actor and musician. Over the years he has developed skills as a songwriter. A claim to fame is that he co-wrote and sang the theme–song from the much–loved TV series Rainbow.

One morning eight years ago he awoke with a single, dramatic thought in his head, “I will write musicals!” Quite where that concept sprang from is still a mystery even to Tim himself. But, fired up, he flung himself into the task. Results rapidly followed. As the months passed plots developed, tunes spirited themselves out of the air, themes caught his imagination and four distinct shows took shape. They are all completely original.

Quite organically another idea was developing in Tim’s head. Why not gather a group of bright beings together to share the dream? From various quarters Tim met a bunch of scintillating, unusual talents, singers and instrumentalists who did not want to compromise, who wanted to aim high. Three of them, Amie Miller, Nic Chiappetta and Brian Raftery already knew each other from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. Suzie Aries, actress, singer and doyenne of musicals completes the gang.

They have a lot of laughs. They have dealt with all sorts of mishaps. They are very good friends. Material by the band is on YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify. You will hear stand-alone numbers as well as songs from Tim’s musicals at the concert.