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Everything Deserves a 2nd Chance

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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What value does society place on objects to determine which get discarded as rubbish? Is it when there is no longer a perceived use and value? Does society throw away people who are deemed beyond help and unable to change? Or can people’s lives also be recycled, given new purpose and value?

Everything Deserves a 2nd Chance is a devised, creative movement performance and explores how a piece of rubbish journeys through the recycling process of being thrown away, recycled and changed. It is a first step towards a larger theatre production which addresses how lives can be changed and touches on the theme of our throw away culture, both in terms of protecting our environment and vulnerable people groups.

The initial concept grew from the observation of actual rubbish objects from the Thames, where parallels were drawn between rubbish and how modern society discards people. Ill mental health and homelessness are some of the aspects of modern society where people can feel isolated, abandoned, unable to change and feel thrown away. Actual rubbish objects were analysed using physical and devised theatre and non-western dance techniques to expose characteristics belonging to the objects. These characteristics were embodied, along with narrative, to inspire the creative movement intervention.

A short post-show talk will be held after the performance.