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Gabriel's Wharf Foreshore Walk

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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The foreshore is constantly being changed both by humans and the river itself. Come and explore this urban landscape where the causeway hints at changing sea-level rise and artefacts under your feet help describe a past of long ago.

Gabriel's Wharf has undergone a huge modern facelift in the past few decades but evidence of its long and varied history can be found on the foreshore. With structures in both stone and wood in front of your eyes as well as many smaller artefacts to be found on the foreshore floor, this site has a lot to offer. Take a morning stroll with Dr Fiona Haughey to discover that there is more here than just sand sculptures! Also for those who remember an earlier series of 'Sherlock', the foreshore at Gabriel's Wharf provided a fitting location for the discovery of one of the clues in 'The Great Game'.