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She was a monster. He cut off her head.

This is how Medusa will be remembered by most. But was she really a monster, or a rape victim? A political activist? A social outcast? Or simply a woman with an uncompromising femininity and a rage against injustice?

27 degrees present a new immersive experience revisiting the story of Medusa through intimate and sensory theatre, contemporary dance, shadow puppetry and sound installations. Explore the Thames Tunnel at night and follow the path of the many Medusa's that live among us. A contemporary take on a well-known tale, examining what it takes for women to be considered monsters.

27 degrees is a multicultural collective of artists who create sensory audience experiences in unusual spaces. We believe the arts should not just take place behind the closed doors of theatres, and all a theatre company needs is a solid suitcase and a sense of adventure. We perform in lifts, public spaces, museums, creepy basements, or in the middle of woods.

Their work interweaves theatre with music, circus, dance, puppetry and installation to create immersive and sensory journeys that appeal to the widest possible audiences. With an artistic voice that is both visual and physical, we revisit traditional stories that resonate with the contemporary world. We don’t believe that theatre will change the world, but like the hummingbird we will still work on it, one show at a time.