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Monster by Giles Walker [CANCELLED]

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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Monster is an installation by London artist, Giles Walker, curated by the Ben Oakley Gallery.

Following behind the huge success of Giles Walker’s last installation piece, The Last Supper, comes his most ambitious show to date, Monster. Monster will incorporate over 16 fully animated figures and pieces of furniture. Some figures are over 4.5m tall. The installation will be fully interactive and involve animatronics, sound and light.

Man-made forces have gone rogue. They walk the land leaving devastation in their wake. From these monsters are born more monsters. Monster deals with the issues surrounding corporate power and how the Establishment manages that power with this desperate belief that ‘growth’ is all that matters despite the human cost. As they chase this obsession we witness certain foundations that society needs in order to feel purpose being constantly eroded. We are left feeling lost and meaningless.

The Thames is a visual foundation for us Londoners. A backbone that holds together a forever changing city. It is a dependable witness watching how our society changes. We need the Thames, it is a foundation of our city but like the other foundations that are being eroded the Thames is also continually under threat. It could also disappear or be rendered infertile by the madness of the Monster.

Come and experience an installation of immense proportions.