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One Hour

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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A moment or two by the river paints a picture that is by its nature a slow paced affair - boats drift by in both directions seemingly with all the time in the world and no particular destination & a gentle rhythm out of sync in this restless city.

Spend an hour looking at the river and time seems to speed up as if trying to match the pace of the city, the fast blue and white clippers seem suddenly everywhere and the pleasure boats packed to the brim bustle by leaving behind trails of sound and laughter. Huge cruise liners and navy ships pulled by tugs put in on occasion to add scale to the speed boats and kayaks that skim precariously about in their wake.

The two images shown in this exhibition were captured at different times of the day and each image looks to give an idea of all the activity that took place on the river during a one hour period.

The image featuring London Bridge and the Tower of London was taken around 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning just as the river began to wake up and its usual & traffic began to make an appearance. The second image featuring the Shard was taken on a weekday but just one hour later, and what a difference - peak time with the summer buzz in full swing!

The two large panoramic images are made up from stitching together around 100 high resolution separate pictures for each panoramic, all taken with the Sigma and Quattro H and Sigma 24-70mm Art lens and the Sigma 70-200mm Sports lens. The north facing image was taken from the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard at level 52, and the south facing image was taken from the Sky Pod Bar on level 35.

The One Hour exhibition artwork was printed by PressOn using HP Latex technology, supported by Papergraphics. HP Latex technology provides printing solutions for banners, canvas, signage, wallpaper, interior decoration and point-of-sale materials. If you are committed to more sustainable use of print, you may be interested in the environmental advantages of HP Latex.

Project Partners: The project is supported by the Totally Thames Festival, Team London Bridge, HP, PressOn, Barratt London, Sigma Imaging, Shangri-La Hotel Shard and Network Rail.