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This is a past event and has already taken place

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Head back in time to 1709, when a Londoner's common pastime was to watch a good execution, especially pirate executions. In Submersion, the admiralty battles it out with pirates. Captured, the pirates are held in Marshalsea Prison to face up to their crimes and pending execution. We travel to Execution Dock to see our pirate firstly hung, then chained and securely fastened in the river, to allow the traditional three tides of the Thames to wash over him.

The world of theatre and circus come together In this joint production between Aircraft Circus Academy and Dave Diamond. On the 250 anniversary of circus we witness the start of the pirates demise.

Hold your breath with the pirate as he struggles to free himself in this swashbuckling escapologist event in a re-enactment of Houdini’s water torture cell escape. The pirate is lowered upside down in a tank of water, shackled and padlocked, and has just a nail file to pick the locks and to free himself. See for yourself if he can escape or is doomed to become a warning to other pirates.

After the show, the audience will be allowed to inspect the equipment used in the stunt and will have the opportunity to take part in Q&A with the actors and stuntman.