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Tamesis Trilogy I - screenings, live music and DJ.

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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The first instalment in the Tamesis Trilogy is a surreal / Neo noir short film series set in an alternate reality London. Loner and dissociative beta tester Baker enables some new apps during his frequent walks along the river. The ensuing events are beyond any screen time experience he could ever have imagined with the intervention of a higher authority and ‘Guardian of the Waters’.

Sammy the Seahorse speaks with a strong Canaries Spanish accent and is either transmitted or actually seen to Baker via the seahorse’s ‘Royal Family Crest’, at first appearing in a riverside tree. An undoubtedly seasoned story teller and showman, Sammy conjures up before Bakers’ eyes creatures of the river who enact a famous 17th century Frost Fair involving notable monarch, Elizabeth The Fish skating on a frozen Thames.

However. the ‘Guardian’ stages further historical scenes that have affected life in the water including the Great Stink, and pollution that has depleted much of his world. He has a message of warning for Baker of the future relating to plastic pollution and the mankind’s need to recycle. “They cannot be thrown away, they will return to us…everywhere” he proclaims prophetically. Sammy then seemingly invokes another entity, ‘The Plastic Devil’ who has an ominous stalking presence that only Baker can sense. Where is Sammy?

Baker, not without his own first world psychological ‘issues’, wanders on along the riverside at nights, stalked by the apparently malevolent presence. It is unclear whether Baker is actually having otherworldly visitations, or self inflicted a new addition to the collection of voices and unseen presences he willingly nurtured in the past or quite simply - a test dummy for new tech.

Written, directed and produced with soundtrack by Dennis Da Silva 2019.


Feral Five (EGO single launch) 9PM

Richard Norris accompanied by live visuals from Bill Borez (Blue Carbon) 9.30 PM

Jon Charles (Acoustic Grime set) 10PM

Mikkokoo + Dennis Da Silva (Electro / Art performance) 10.30

Special Guest DJ / VJ TING + Surprise Guest DJs

Additional music soundtrack: Sorrow Stories (Tina Amos), Philip Spalding & Dennis Da Silva


Event on lower deck of (permanently moored) barge - accessible by stairs only.