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Tea Total

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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Ah tea. The most quintessential English beverage.

A relatively late arrival to British shores, tea first became fashionable in the mid-17th century and has since endured a turbulent history of controversial taxation, smuggling, Opium Wars and, the biggest threat of all… instant coffee. Despite all odds, tea has maintained a firm place as our national drink, with an estimated 165 million cups consumed by Britons daily.

Tea has become our default. A staple of everyday life. But do we really give it the recognition it deserves?

Courage Yard invites you to join us for Tea Total, a one day event celebrating our intimate love affair with our favourite beverage. Taking place in the heart of Shad Thames, Tea Total will in part be a homage to the heritage of the area. Known affectionately as London’s Larder in the 18th and 19th century, Shad Thames comprised of the largest warehouse complex in London, where huge quantities of spices, coffee and, you guessed it, tea, were stored.

With a tea-riffic programme of workshops, tea tastings, art, market stalls, street food and more. Our tea experts will tell you everything you need to know to upgrade your fan status to solid tea connoisseur, with talks on the history of how tea showed up in London, demonstrations on how to use tea in your cooking and tea pairing masterclasses.

The par-tea doesn’t end there though. Afternoon Tea & cockteals will also be available to enjoy throughout the day, with a live DJ set to provide the music for a modern twist on the traditional tea dance.

So if you’re ready to be Tea Totally immersed in all things tea on an OTT(ea) level, put on your glad rags and come join us in Courage Yard for the UK’s first ever event dedicated entirely to tea.