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Thames Tides

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This is a past event and has already taken place

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Twice a day, the Thames rises many metres to fill secret, enclosed spaces in central London.

Four distinct audio films were recorded with cameras and stereo microphones held under wharves, jetties and office-blocks along the riverside. Starting slowly, the water rises inexorably to take and drown each camera in the confined space of its man-made, built environment; stereo sounds of traffic, birds, humans and boat-wash are replaced by burbling inundation and the buzz of propellers.
The films are not ‘in synch’; the chaos of their rhythms means nobody walks into the same exhibition twice…

A fifth and silent composite film runs alongside, made from safe and dry vantage-points looking North, South, East and West. ‘The Moon and the City’ shows the tides falling, rising, falling and rising again as if in a single day – and in relation to the rising, passing and setting moon.

Artists Susi Arnott and Crispin Hughes are experienced UK scuba divers with scientific and imaginative interests in the effects of tides in enclosed spaces. Their previous collaborative works include Unquiet Thames (Museum of London in Docklands) and Stone Hole (Photofusion, Bridport, Peninsula Arts).