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The 1917 Russian Revolution. Here & Now.

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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Bunin condemned it; Mayakovsky praised it; Dostoyevsky foreshadowed it, and John Reed reported on it. What it is?

Mikhail Umanets’s project marks the centennial of the Russian Revolution and attempts to examine the significance of those events for the current generation. Today, the 1917 Revolution appears remote, but similarly to a big asteroid, its gravity still affects us from afar and is experienced as a ‘genetic memory’ hovering in our continuum. A century later, it is difficult to grasp the meaning of dispossession or loss of titles, yet reverberations of those events still haunt us.

To explore the effects of the revolution on artistic imagination, young actors resort to a variety of genres: literary texts by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Demons), John Reed (Ten Days That Shook the World), Ivan Bunin (Cursed Days), music by Dmitri Shostakovich (Four Poems of Captain Lebyadkin for bass and piano, op.146), dance, and stage play.