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The Boatshed Stage 2014

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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The Boatshed Stage at Blue Ribbon Village will bring together some of the most exciting bands around for a big end-of-summer celebration.

Lily & Meg

Intricate harmonies, thoughtful lyrics and timeless song-writing...

The Intermission Project

Fresh sound of indie folk with the added mix of wonderfully textured, soulful vocals and upbeat joyous melodies.

Alessi's Ark

Get Aboard Alessi's Ark!

We Were Evergeen

“We make music that you want to be in and has images coming at you, colours and sensations.”

Willie J Healey

Count Drachma

Traditional Zulu folk songs over psychedelic pop beats… a unique glimpse into the musical melting pot of cosmopolitan South Africa.

Little Shoes Big Voice

Maybe you’ve heard them already? Their cover of Little Things Mean A Lot is on a TV commercial and is racking up YouTube hits like there’s no tomorrow.

The May Birds

Intimate, powerful, desirous songs that migrate from intricate, lulling meditation to raw, gutsy abandon.

Trio Manouche

One of the UK’s leading gypsy swing ensembles, bring ing a unique and contemporary twist to this ever popular genre.

The Melodic

Quietly radical, innovative English folk that’ll make you make you want to dance and cry at the same time.

Treetop Flyers

Hope, honesty and huge choruses - songs strewn with sunshine-infused four-part harmonies and an irrefutable open-highway groove.

Hot Border Special

Blisteringly energetic and danceable, their raw, rootsy and percussion heavy rhythms underpin lush interwoven guitar melodies.