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The Thames SENSEation

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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The Northbank BID presents The Thames SENSEation, a multi-sensory festival designed by the award winning House of Gastrophonic giving Londoners and visitors alike the chance to experience a sensory history of the River Thames via touch, sight, aroma, sound and taste.

For centuries many of London’s street names have reflected the city’s sensory heritage - Bread Street, Corn Hill, Saffron Hill, Camomile Street, Leather Lane, Silk Street – and the River Thames has been the gateway through which countless of these new tastes, aromas and textures have arrived to influence and enrich London’s life.

The Thames SENSEation is a sensory immersive journey through London’s past, present and future. Take in the sights, sounds and smells of London’s past with a walk through the Aromatic Time Tunnel for a sensory visit to three pivotal historical eras in London’s history - Elizabethan spices, Victorian teas and mid-20th Century exotic fruits; Look, learn and listen with the fun and educational talks and cooking demonstrations on the Sensory Hub; Immerse yourself in the exhibition of 3D printed London landmarks and meet some inhabitants from London’s Elizabethan, Victorian and mid 20th Century past.

The Thames SENSEation is a feast of a festival for all the family to enjoy.