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Votive: A performance of gifting on the Thames Foreshore

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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A performance of gifting on the Thames Foreshore to accompany the Votive exhibition at Southwark Cathedral by The Associated Clay Workers Union (ACWU), and ceramic students from Morley College.

Artists will take a selection of unfired ceramic votive objects down to the Thames foreshore and you are invited to join them at low tide to witness this re-gifting spectacle from the Thames path, awaiting the clay votive objects being offered to the river.

The act of offering Votives into water is known in many cultures and throughout history from early Neolithic times. Water is seen as life giving and curative, it has a liminal capacity, connecting one realm with another. Votive offerings maybe around commemoration and remembrance, linked to death and departure, they can also be around cleansing and disposal, a ritual act to engender change and hope for the future.

Votives are often given in dedication or as a consequence of a vow, a performance undertaken in uncertain times and in thanks for subsequent relief.

You'll be encouraged to engage and reflect upon your own experiences of ritual and belief, wishes for change and the role of the Thames in this ‘liquid hope’ an act with the power to bring us all together for transformation.