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You Are Warmly Invited to the Death of the Turtle

Please note:
This is a past event and has already taken place

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This is the last journey of the turtle and they are going as far as they can. When they can go no further, that will be that. The turtle will move at their own speed, however slow or fast that may happen to be.

The turtle will be accompanied by a handful of loyal friends who have sworn to be with the turtle until the very end, dressed in plastic and things that grow in the sea. As far as the turtle is aware, these are still two separate things - but sometimes they wonder how much longer this will be the case.

Whether you knew the turtle well or not, this funeral march is for everyone. Everyone is welcome. We ask you to pay tribute to the turtle in whatever way you choose to. To watch, to join in, to avoid, to cheer, to photograph, to sing along, to wonder how much further the turtle will make it until they stop forever.


The Turtle will begin their final journey in the Great Map Cafe at the National Maritime Museum at 11am. They will make their way out to Greenwich Park via the Herbacious Border before heading up the hill. They are hoping to reach Queen Elizabeth's Oak at 12pm, Greenwich Park Bandstand at 12.40pm, Pavilion Tea House at 1pm, Prime Meridian at 1.30pm, Parkside Cafe of National Maritime Museum at 2.30pm. The Turtle's dream is to make it to Cutty Sark, hopefully around 3pm. Please note these timings are estimations and may be subject to change during the performance.

Please be advised these timings are estimations – the turtle is not entirely sure how fast it can go on its final journey.

About the artist

Hector Dyer is a performance maker based in London who makes work around legacy and memory.

Their solo work includes Cyborg Dream (2018) and In Your Own Time (2017) at the Barbican and Thank You For Your Patience (2018) which has been created with Hackney Showroom and has currently played at Theatre De Mentilmontant in Paris, Inkonst in Malmo and Future Fest in London. Hector is a member of the radical performance collective Ponyboy Curtis, directed by Chris Goode, and an artistic associate of Waterbodies and Bellow Theatre.