There is no better place to pause, breathe and ease the soul than being on or by the Thames. This year’s competition draws on the experience of the last few months and we hope will draw people to the calming waters of the river, both to pause and reflect, while they seek inspiration to capture the river as it unlocks.
Adrian Evans, Director, Thames Festival Trust

Important Information

The winners will be chosen by a panel comprised of representatives from Thames Festival Trust, Port of London Authority, and a professional photographer. 

We are thrilled to announce that prizes for the competition will include membership to The Photographers Gallery,  a trip on Uber Boat by Thames Clippers followed by lunch in Greenwich, courtesy of the Port of London Authority, and a photography walking tour with London Streets Photography,

Please fill in the form fully, and ensure that your photo is high resolution, at least 1500px across and 1MB if possible. Please note that you can enter a maximum of five photos to the competition, please submit them separately. Any questions email Sophie or check our terms and conditions.

Please note that the deadline for uploading your photo is Friday 29 January.

This year’s events have put a premium on family time, the outdoors and reconnecting with nature. As we approach the heart of the summer, now is the time to bring those three themes together, on the Thames. We’d love people to share with us their view of our, post lockdown river as they venture along the riverbank, and afloat again, to enjoy the unique vistas of the Thames Unlocked.
Alistair Gale, Director of Corporate Affairs, Port of London Authority

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