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This is a very simple but effective process that can be adapted and developed to meet different age and skill levels.

Materials & Equipment

  • Scanner/printer
  • Inspiration
  • A4 Paper
  • Pencils
  • Scissors or safety cutters
  • Ruler
  • Fine liner pens
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Colouring materials



  1. Using the inspiration provided draw a number of pencil sketches.
  2. Scan/ photocopy and experiment with the sketches once printed out. Highlighting or add details using a fine liner pen or add colour and shading.
  3. Cut the sketches out and position on A4 paper. Make sure the sketches do not overlap or touch the edges of the paper. When happy with the positioning, glue the images in place and photocopy/scan.
  4. Divide the back of the photocopied design into four equal quarters.
    Measure the centre point draw a faint horizontal pencil line across the centre of the page.
    Measure the centre point of the bottom of the paper and draw a vertical line up the middle of the page.
  5. Carefully:
    Cut along the horizontal central line using a safety roller.
    Move the bottom section to the top and tape together.
    Now cut along the vertical line, place the right section on the left.
    Tape the paper back together.
  6. Turn the paper back over and add to the design, gluing more sketches or new drawings, patterns or details in the blank spaces.
  7. Print numerous copies and place together to create a repeat pattern. Tape together (tape on the back) and draw in any gaps where the edges of the paper meet.

Alternatively you can scan the design and create a repeat pattern using computer software such as Photoshop.

Music by Daniel Falvey.

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