Go Behind the Scenes of the Working River

Photo: Hydar Dewachi

London’s boat and shipyards have a long and significant history on the banks of the Thames and was the subject of our heritage project this year. Working River recorded the living history of London's boatyards from the Thames Barrier up to Teddington Lock; through oral history interviews with men and women who have been involved in the Thames boatyards over the past 70 years, the project has brought to life the memories of the Thames boat builders, documenting their testimonies for future generations.

Delve into the rich resources collected and discover the little known history of this vital industry.

Explore the photography by Hydar Dewachi

  • Fiona Gunnion © Hydar Dewachi
  • Turks Boatyard © Hydar Dewachi
  • Measuring up © Hydar Dewachi
  • Ted Lepperd © Hydar Dewachi
  • Painter's workshop © Hydar Dewachi
  • James Brown © Hydar Dewachi

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