Rivers of the World: Uniting the World through Art

Ormiston Park Academy, Essex with Michelle Colford

Today is Universal Children's Day and we're highlighting some of the inspiring children we work with through arts education project, Rivers of the World. Rivers of the World encourages children to explore and reflect on local and global issues and perspectives to build the skills they need for life and work in a global society. This year children from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Zambia, Nigeria, Nepal and across the UK have taken part - take a look at some of their ideas and artworks, and what it has meant to them. 

  • “I enjoyed this because it was a challenge for me. Trying something new is like a locked door, if you are willing to try, then you can find the key and maybe unlock a new ability.”
    Mount Carmel College pupil, London
  • “The Rivers of the World project gave me an opportunity to learn about the UK's river culture, especially their tea culture. I learnt that the way they drink tea is a bit different to ours”
    Phu'o'ng Mai Secondary School pupil, Vietnam
  • “Through Rivers of the World we have learnt a great deal about how rivers look around the world. We have learnt the importance and history of our local river and have gained an insight into our surroundings. ”
    Ghion Secondary and Preparatory School pupil, Ethiopia
  • “Art is important to me because it teaches us methods and techniques in order for us to produce something by ourselves. I was able to express my imagination and it also allowed me to give my artistic contribution to my school.”
    Family Foundation Secondary School pupil, Sierra Leone
    • “I am really happy to be part of this project because this artwork unites the world. You have taught me that through art, I can reflect anything I want”
      Beza primary & secondary school pupil, Ethiopia
    • “It was fun because we got to work with our friends and we got to try new things like making nature out of bottles and painting polluted rivers!”
      Trinity School pupil, Reading
    • “Rivers of the World has been exciting and different. I have loved seeing my art go from my own single idea to a full composition including many student's work.”
      Winifred Holtby Academy pupil, Hull

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