Immerse yourself in Rivers of the World artwork from Worcestershire and Kenya

Artwork: Tudor Grange Academy

Our arts education programme Rivers of the World connects children and young people around the globe to study their local river, work with an artist to create a large scale river-inspired artwork and partner with overseas country. This year we partnered and worked with schools from Malawi & Exeter, Palestine and Barking & Dagenham, and Kenya and Worcestershire. Check out the stunning artwork created by Kenya and Worcestershire here.


  • “I didn't think that science could be a source of inspiration for art. I might think about this for other school projects!”
    Pupil, Nunnery Wood High School
  • “For me the project has really opened my eyes, and now the eyes of the students, to how important the river is to our environment. I also felt that students who were involved with the project and less confident with art and expressing themselves found new ways to do so.”
    Sarah Brown, Artist
  • “It's been an amazing experience, not only to try something new with the students at school but because we are part of something bigger, connecting with different countries and knowing a specific school in Kenya is being inspired by the same project and we will be sharing our outcome and theirs with each other is really exciting”
    Lisa Stevens, Teacher, Nunnery Wood High School


  • “This was an exciting project and through it I learnt about the importance of conserving our river as it is a great source of water and also a brilliant tourist attraction. We must campaign to stop rubbish being thrown into the river and minimise the use of plastic bags.”
    Pupil, Brookhouse School
  • “It was such a great journey for me and the participating schools to learn about the little known river which passes through the city and yet is so significant to our history and heritage, the Nairobi River. Sharing my work with students and inspiring them to produce artworks based on our river was a great privilege. This project definitely gave all of us new eyes for our river. Thank you!”
    James Njoroge, Artist

See all the Rivers of the World artwork created this year from six countries around the world and six areas across England at The Hive in Worcester until Thursday 29 November.