Check out this year's Rivers of the World artwork from Barking & Dagenham and Palestine

Artwork: Masqat Secondary School for Girls

This year our arts and education programme Rivers of the World worked in three new regions including Barking & Dagenham, Exeter and Worcestershire and in Kenya, Malawi and Palestine overseas. Young people from Barking & Dagenham and Palestine were partnered to learn about their local river through a cross-curricular programme where they created large scale artworks that were exhibited here and internationally. Next year the young people will learn about their partners river, check out the stunning work created by these two regions below...


  • “I really enjoyed how everyone could put all types of ideas into their work and how it then all came together to form one amazing piece”
    Maria, pupil from Barking Abbey Community School
  • “Rivers of the World provides students with vital opportunities to experiment and surprise themselves in an immersive experience of different artforms and cultures ”
    Shona Watt, Rivers of the World Lead Artist


  • “We enjoyed the workshop as it tackled contemporary issues that we live with every day in the camp: lack of water and drought, issues the world should pay attention to. We managed to take our ideas and translate them into a beautiful meaningful artwork.”
    Ziad Mansou, teacher from Auja Basic Co-Ed School
  • “The workshop was great and our work was beautiful, tackling our heritage. I would love it to be exhibited all over the world to show people our beautiful culture and what happened to us.”
    Al Razim, pupil from Ein Sultan Co-Ed School