Ursula Kelly's Camera Obscura & Consequences Game

Camera Obscura: See the world upside down!


  1. Tube such as insert from kitchen roll
  2. Pencils
  3. Scissors
  4. Black card
  5. Pin
  6. Duct tape
  7. Translucent paper such as baking paper or tracing paper


  1. Cut out a circle of black card larger than the opening of the tube.
  2. Tape this in place, make sure the tape covers any gaps. You don’t want any light getting in; this will become the ‘lens’.
  3. Cut the tube at the quarter point (approximately) measuring from the lens.
  4. Sandwich a piece of translucent paper in between the two sections. This will be the screen you view your images on.
  5. Tape them in place, again making sure all gaps are covering and no light is getting in.
  6. Use the pin to poke a pinhole in the centre of the black card. Look out the window, move it around, up and down. Remember the light flows in straights lines so as it flows in through the pin hole an image is projected upside down on the ‘screen’.
  7. It helps if you look with one eye, holding the open end of the tube close to your face so you are blocking excess light out.
  8. Decorate as you wish!

Try: making the pin hole bigger and making multiple holes. I’ve used a kitchen roll tube, you could also use a Pringles tin (use the transparent lid for the screen), cardboard box small (shoe box) or super-sized so you can fit inside!

Consequences Game


  1. Sheet of paper
  2. Drawing utensils: pencils, felt tips and crayons


  1. Each player needs to have 1 sheet of paper folded into 4.
  2. Draw in the first section, fold paper over to hide your drawing, pass to the next person & repeat. You can extend the line into the next section so that the next person has a starting point.


  1. No looking!
  2. Time limit: Start with 30 seconds for drawing


  1. Instead of drawing, create collages in each section.
  2. Create a junk model sculpture of the finished ‘fish’ using recycled objects.

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