Thames Lens is an annual highlight for us. This year the theme is particularly timely, as we have just started work with stakeholders to refresh the Thames Vision, the development framework for the river. In the six-week initial engagement phase, running to 14 July, we are looking to establish the shared priorities for the river out to 2050. So, it’s the ideal moment to be asking the public to submit their personal Thames Vision, captured in a photo. We can’t wait to see the results
Alistair Gale, PLA corporate affairs & strategy director

Important information

The winners will be chosen by a panel comprised of representatives from Thames Festival Trust, Port of London Authority, and professional photographers Simon Ellingworth and Kate Coe

Prizes will include vouchers, photography experiences and more

Please fill in the form fully, and ensure that your photo is high resolution, at least 1500px across and 1MB if possible. Please note that you can enter a maximum of five photos to the competition, please submit them separately. Any questions email Sophie or check our terms and conditions.

Please note that the deadline for uploading your photo is Friday 28 January 2022.

Throughout this last difficult year, the River Thames has continued to provide treasured solace, joy and quiet moments of pure bliss to so many. Our Thames Lens challenge was to capture the essence of these on camera. We look forward to viewing the results and then sharing the winning submissions so that many more people can appreciate the wonders of this magnificent river of ours.
Adrian Evans, Thames Festival Trust Director

Submit your Entries

Personal Details
Photo Upload

Please provide a title. We will also need you to provide a short description to explain your photo, the inspiration, and how it responds to the theme. 

Please submit your photos in JPG, PNG or TIFF format.


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